Flaming Barbecues and Inadequate Kitchen Appendages

I managed to make some of those cute little gnomes last weekend. They are so addictive! I was going to make one for EVERYBODY because that’s just how I roll, but of course, I managed to reign that in after a while. Not everyone appreciates the same things I do ha ha! Please excuse the … Continue reading Flaming Barbecues and Inadequate Kitchen Appendages

Baby, it’s F*@$ing Cold Outside!

It's been the usual this week, aside from the bitter cold that rolled in. Can't step outside for one moment without feeling like you're suffocating because some toxic lung collapsing vapor is choking you out, as goosebumps (I originally put nipples cause it's true!) rip through your clothing and you piss yourself from the extremes … Continue reading Baby, it’s F*@$ing Cold Outside!