‘Horti Porn’ and Green Thumb Envy

This post is about horticultural (horti) photography 😊. I’ve noticed so many folks talking about the shitsation extravaganza we lovingly call winter the last couple of weeks, and it’s hard not to weigh in too. All I can say is, it’s fucking freezing, holy shitballs and I’m sorry, but there just isn’t any other way … Continue reading ‘Horti Porn’ and Green Thumb Envy

Memories Of Moments Are All I Have Left

Seeing as how yesterday was Valentine's Day, I postponed this post 😊. A continuation of my sister's story... When I reflect back on this time, memories sort of pop up like flashbacks and I don’t seem to remember exactly all that happened leading up to and surrounding these moments or when they precisely occurred. It’s … Continue reading Memories Of Moments Are All I Have Left