Lethal Letter Combinations

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving this week, had a wonderful and memorable holiday surrounded by the people you love 🙂 . NBA, CDC, FBI, HIV, CVS, ABC, RDI, BMI, BPM, KRAS, BRCA, NHL, WHO, LOL, LMAO, WTF, FML, and FFS. All interesting letter combinations with a variety of meanings and outcomes. Who knew that … Continue reading Lethal Letter Combinations

Cancer, Meet My Boots

You never think about the unfathomable things you could encounter in your life.  It’s unimaginable, unless you’re immersed.  But, when the unfathomable or unimaginable does catch up to you, you have no choice but fathom and imagine.  You cannot predict life’s course, no matter how much deep contemplation you invest.  It will always surprise you … Continue reading Cancer, Meet My Boots

Lea, 33, Diagnosis: Lung Cancer…Stage 4

She has been dominating my every thought as of late. I feel like it’s because this time of year sends me the haunting flashbacks of the moments that changed my life forever.  It just feels like she’s everywhere in my head these past few days.  I have moments where she’s still present, fresh in my … Continue reading Lea, 33, Diagnosis: Lung Cancer…Stage 4