A Loss Within the Loss

It’s been a really shitty week and being cooped up at home is really exacerbating the issue. Many will think I am way too much of a softie, but I think it’s a noble trait, one that should be held in high esteem because far too many just don’t give enough shits in the world. I am witnessing that right now, as I watch a neighbor packing up to go out into the wilderness with a friend (someone who doesn’t live with him) for the weekend, yet again. Just stay home stupid, and we’ll all be able to go out sooner if you do. He’s such an ass.

I hope that I don’t go too crazy and decide to invoke a little vigilante justice on his dumb ass from my window. Maybe a potato canon and parboiled beet whizzing past his useless head would do the trick? I should see if the cops would be interested in issuing a fine, but I don’t want to punish the rest of his family for it, but seriously? Just follow the rules dumbass, you’re shit decisions are affecting us all…selfish. I am kind of jealous though, I could really use some time away from the house. Might be a bundle up and go play outside in the backyard kind of day for me.

The added shit to the week, was the passing of our very old and very beloved little guinea pig. Yup, I’m a softie and yes, I have cried…a lot. She was a whopping 10+ years old as far as we can determine because she was a ‘rescue’ of sorts. Clem and I removed her from a public institution, whereby the humans that were supposed to provide a caring and loving environment, had not. She was a living, breathing creature, that didn’t deserve the situation she had to endure due to the shitty decisions humans make. And now, not only are we dealing with a poor decision, made over two years ago by another human, but our remaining little girl pig as well.

It truly is about the choices we make

Enough said, there were many who were appalled but did nothing over a few months, so we stepped in and did. We NEVER wanted guinea pigs, but knew we could give them a better life, complete with the love and care that is necessary for their survival in captivity. They have/had been a part of our family for just two years now, and they were/are the most spoiled by far, our other furry family member (a dog) included. I am now left with one little girl, who is at a loss and I am attempting to try and remedy that, in a completely abnormal lock down situation right now. Talk about a challenge.

Our remaining girl, is all of 2 and a half years old, approximately. If she makes it to 8 or even 10 if she’s lucky, that’s a very long life to live alone. I understand these little guys are social animals, and although my heart hurts at the very thought of losing another fur baby, I cannot neglect her needs of needing a companion. Such a difficult but necessary decision our family has had to make. It feels much too soon for our human hearts, but we see her loneliness and want to see her happy again soon, if possible.

This will not be an easy task because this little one has a history. Prior to our rescuing, she was ‘handled’ constantly by both adults and children, once she was introduced to the environment we obtained her from because she was a very cute and small baby. Who doesn’t love babies, right? But babies also need to be bonded properly to the very old adult she was to be cage mates with and provided a safe and healthy environment where there was access to plenty of fresh water, food, space and safe spaces.

That didn’t occur years ago, so now we have a little girl who not only despises being held (she isn’t cuddly at all) but she isn’t a ‘people person’ either. Some of the others who complained after witnessing the appalling environment these little ones were in, were also a huge part of the ‘over handling’ of this baby.  Our older girl (the one we just lost), wasn’t a ‘people person’ either but with time and patience, we enjoyed seeing her happily running up to us when nearby and even enjoying a little bit of gentle contact here and there.

Tiny creatures, big effort, HUGE reward

Watching them go from fighting each other to survive, to being laid back and enjoying life, has truly been a rewarding experience. Ugh, I really hope I’m not seen as the Carole Baskin of Guinea pigs ha ha…we’ve been watching Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness on Netflix, obviously. We honestly couldn’t stand to see them suffer, and we did provide them with lots of space for a big home, food, love, patience and care.

Floor time has always been fun for them, and they enjoy lots of it daily, with new and exciting things we often provide, like brown paper bags, boxes we’ve cut holes in for them to run through like tunnels or lounge under, and little blanket tents to scurry under. We had to use other methods, like my sewn tunnels or cuddle sacks that I made out of fleece, so that they could scurry into them so we could get them out of their habitat without being ‘handled’. We adjusted to their needs and found other ways to help them adapt, which was well worth the time, effort and patience. It’s been challenging and has completely turned our life upside down at times, but it has been more than worth it.

I know, many of you are probably shaking your heads, but the lessons we’ve learned from the entire situation, has been invaluable. The things my kids understand after witnessing everything surrounding this whole process, isn’t taught in school or even considered in everyday life. As I’ve said before, we ‘ain’t’ perfect by any means, but we are trying to learn and become better humans and instill many of the qualities that have fallen by the wayside over the years by humanity, in our kids. Some may think it’s dumb, but what I’m seeing in the world right now, although many may consider it dumb, is still very much important and crucial to our own survival.

The future

I hope that I am merely overthinking things, as usual, and I hope that finding our little piggy a new friend won’t be as difficult as I think. I don’t want the continuous cycle of having to find new friends after each pig passes because not only does it hurt badly, but it would just keep going. We need to find a special little someone who needs a forever home that is closer in age to our girl, with the hope that she falls head over heels for them and continues her healing journey after the loss of her beloved friend.

So, my writing will be shorter but sweeter today because my home life takes priority. I am hoping that the rescue I’ve reached out to, can give me some advice and possible pairing expertise once it’s safe to do so. I just need to get the ball rolling, in the hopes that we will be considered for adoption. Here’s to hoping I have some exciting news soon, with a very happy ending and promising future ahead, for a couple of small creatures who’ve managed to take an unlikely but very large portion of my heart and easily wrap their cute little piggy feet around it.

Rest in peace my girl, I hope you know how much you meant to us. You made a huge imprint on our hearts in such a short time. I truly hope that our short time with you made up for some of the horrible things you had to endure in your precious little life. Love you lots and we will forever be grateful for the valuable lessons you’ve taught us and the love you bestowed in return. I hope you’re out ‘pop corning’ happily, in possibly another dimension of time or space with your Aunty Lea, lover of all creatures big and small.

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